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  • Strategies for Change in the Irish Herring Industry Report of the Task force on the Management and Marketing of Herring 1998
  • Task Force on Seafarer Training and Employment 2000
  • Operational Programme for Fisheries 1994-1999 1995 ISBN 0 7076 1566 6
  • National Development Plan 2000-2006 ISBN 0-7076-6285-0

Prepared by the National Strategy Review Group on the Common Fisheries Policy:

  • National Investment Priorities for the Irish Seafood Industry 2000 - 2006 June 1999 ISBN1-903412-00-5
  • Protecting Young Fish in the Sea - A sustainable future for European fisheries through Technical Conservation Measures December 1999
  • Sustainable Fishing Through Control - Enforcing the Common Fisheries Policy March 2000 ISBN 1-903412-02-1
  • Sustainable Fisheries Through Regional Management - Regionalising the Common Fisheries Policy May 2000 ISBN-1-903412-03-X
  • Fisheries Management and Nature Conservation - A sustainable future for European fisheries and their Marine Environment July 2000 ISBN -1-903412-04-8
  • Proposals and recommendations for the review of the CFP 2002 October 2000 ISBN-1-903412-05-6

Prepared by An Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM):

All available from BIM

Tel: 2841544

  • BIM Annual Report 1999 (and previous years)
  • BIM Seafood Industry Agenda, 2000-2006 (Publ. March 1999) An Integrated Training Plan for the Irish Seafood Industry, 2000-2006(Publ. July 2000)
  • A Guide to Training for Careers in Sea Fisheries Including Aquaculture.