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Fisheries Amendment Act 2003 (No. 21)

This major Act came into force on 1 July 2003 and amends and extends the sea fisheries legislation contained in the Fisheries Acts 1959 to 2001, notably, to:

  • Transfer sea-fishing boat licensing functions from the Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources to the Registrar General or under the superintendence of the Registrar General , the Deputy Registrar General) of Fishing Boats;
  • Establish independent statutory appeals arrangements for sea-fishing boat licensing decisions made on or after 1 August 2003
  • Require publication of all sea-fishing boat licence application and decision details on the website of the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources ( on an ongoing basis, from 1 January 2003
  • Update, strengthen and restate section 222B of the Fisheries (Consolidation) Act 1959, the main legislation governing sea-fishing boat licensing, and strengthen other sea fisheries enforcement legislation
  • Enable fees to be charged under the Fisheries Acts (and Foreshore Acts) for certain licence and other applications, licences, etc
  • Enable Ireland to ratify, along with the rest of the EU and the European Commission, the 1995 UN Agreement relating to the conservation and management of certain very valuable and vulnerable straddling and highly migratory fish stocks in the high seas and in seas subject to national sovereignty