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Marine Agencies & Programmes Division

Marine Agencies & Programmes

The mission of the Marine Agencies & Programmes Division is to support the development of the Irish seafood sector through delivery of the Seafood development Operational Programmes and collaboration with the marine state agencies.

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Key Functions

The key functions of the Marine Agencies & Programmes Division are:

  • Support and monitor activities and operations of the 4 marine state agencies
  • Implement the EU Fisheries Operational Programmes and administer the Market Support Framework for sea fisheries
  • Progress assessments under the Habitats Directive of inshore fisheries in Natura Sites

Useful Documents

Licensing, Monitoring and Enforcement of aquaculture activities are handled by the Aquaculture & Foreshore Management Division.

The Irish Commercial Sea-fishing Network Portal

The Fishingnet Portal is a cross-agency project aimed at bringing together all links to relevant information useful to people involved in the Fishing Industry.