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Rossaveel (Ros An Mhíl)

(Lárionad Chuan Iascaigh Ros A'Mhíl)

Rossaveel (Ros An Mhíl) Harbour is located on the North side of the North Sound approaches to Galway Bay. The inner harbour is positioned on the north eastern shore of upper Cashla Bay and is well sheltered - B.A. Charts 2096, 3339. All of Cashla Bay, north of a line joining Aillecluggish Point and Cannon Rock comes under the authorities jurisdiction.


Latitude 53 . 16 .0 N Longitude 9 . 33.5 W


Access to Cashla Bay is through a well-defined and marked channel by day or night. The principal approach is on a northern course in the white sector (008.5 011.5) of Lion Directional Light between Killeen Point and Cannon Rocks light buoy. This also leads to an outer anchorage where larger vessels can find an anchorage in the outer part of the bay in depths of 9 to 10.5 metres with stiff mud and shells holding ground west of a Martello Tower. The anchorage is exposed to southerly winds.

The inner part of Cashla Bay is approached by a north track passing through the narrows marked by a port hand light buoy (A) at Ship Rock and a starboard hand light buoy (B) at Lion Point. Once through the narrows there is excellent shelter and the track then leads north past a port hand light buoy (C) and then to a starboard hand light buoy (D). This marks the turning point into the entrance channel, which is marked by leading lights (116) and inner beacons to the quaysides.

The least depth in the approach channel and alongside is 3.7 metres C.D. A small deepwater pocket of 5.8 metres with 60 metres berthage exists.

Berthage is controlled by the Harbour Master and is limited for larger vessels, especially those over 30 metres, with tight swinging room only available. Auction Hall, Ice Plant and Landing Berths kept clear.

Approach Lights

  • Killean Point Light House FL(3) WR 10s
  • Cannon Rock Buoy (stbd hand) Fl G 5s
  • Buoy A (port hand) FL R 3s (Ship Rock)
  • Buoy B (stbd hand) FL G 3s (Lion Rock)
  • Buoy C (port hand) QR (Sruthan Buoy)
  • Buoy D (stbd hand) QG (Starboard Buoy)
  • Beacon Ard Rí (port hand) FL (3) R 6s
  • Leading Lights Front and Rear OC W 3s
  • Beacon 1 (Stbd Hand) FL (3) G 6s
  • Beacon 2 (Port Hand) FL (2) R 5s
  • Beacon 4 (Port Hand) FL R 4s


  • 3.7 metres C.D. approaches and alongside.
  • 5.8 metres C.D. pocket at west side of No. 2 pier.


VHF Ch 16 and all working channels when manned.

Harbour Master
Tel. + 353 (0) 91 560506/7


No 1 pier 120 metres @ 3.7 C.D.
No 2 pier west side 155 metres @ 3.7 C.D and 60 metres @ 5.8 C.D.
No 2 pier east side reserved for cargo vessels, 90 metres @ 3.7 C.D.

Facilities for the berthing of domestic passenger vessels up to 40 metres length overall (LOA) in a well sheltered dredged basin (subject to obtaining a Ros An Mhíl Fishery Harbour Centre Passenger Vessel Permit with outline conditions attached). The berthing facilities consist of three finger piers with pontoon berths linked to the shore by link span walkways. This provides for six dedicated passenger vessel berths (two on each pontoon) and also allows for the rafting of vessels to provide more berthage space if required.

Rossaveel  SCH/Marina

Rossaveel  SCH/Marina is ideally situated for anybody sailing around the beautiful Island of Ireland or as a  base for cruising the west coast, Aran Islands is but a short 12 mile sail away or

Visit nearby bays the idyllic  Roundstone, Galway, Kinvara  to name but a few. Visitors are welcome with a number of berths reserved for visiting vessels.

The marina Consists of approx 160 berths with the capacity to take larger yachts. The Channel is dredged and marked contact should be made VHF 14 & 80 prior to arrival and a suitable berth will be allocated.

Visitors will be expected to fill a visitors form and pay the relevant fee.


Not compulsory. Vessels 30 metres or more restricted in their ability to manoeuvre. By arrangement with the Harbour Master.


Fuel by road tanker 24 hours and also from local co-op storage tanks at No. 1 pier.

Fresh Water

Available 24 hours on all piers


Light engineering carried out locally light and heavy engineering, including marine hull and machinery in Galway. Distance 25 miles. Small tidal slipway available for minor repairs.


Ice plant on west side of No. 2 pier flaked ice on request or by card.


Spare gear, stores and supplies available locally.

Fish Auctions

Monday and Thursdays or when required.
The harbour is based in the Connemara Gaeltacht and provides a hub between the three Aran Islands and the mainland of Galway. A thriving passenger ferry service is provided on a year round basis.

Port Waste Management Plan for Ros an Mhíl Fishery Harbour Centre

Contact Harbour Master

Padraic O’Toole
Marina Phone No:  086 4181342


Clerical Officer
Tel + 353 (0) 91 560507

Application Form to Engage in Temporary Activity at Fishery Harbour Centres