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September 2019 to February 2020

Rock breaking by a specialised contractor commenced in September to excavate rock in the piling line and berth pocket. Rock removal continued through the winter months, with the last rock pinnacle to be removed in the berth pocket in February.

The dredge and recovery of soft material in the main channel and berthing pocket was complete by the end of 2019, with the dredging contractor demobilised in November.

The total amount of excavated and dredge material at the end of February stands at 50,321m3.

The breakwater design comprises a number of circular cells that form the end of the breakwater. The construction of the eastern breakwater is almost complete, with the two cells installed and filled to formation level and 96% of the L-beams in place. 

Construction is ongoing on the western breakwater with the placement of core material, geotextile, under layer and rock armour all underway. L-beams are on site ready for installation.

On the main quay structure the tubular piles are being installed using two contractors on site, the piles of the suspended deck are complete.  The anchors blocks and anchor ties have been installed and the quay wall is currently being backfilled to the underside of slab level.

The first main quay troughs were installed in February and 9 slabs (17%) were poured and completed.  Work is progressing with the installation of the capping beam on the sheet pile wall with 90% complete in February.

The services for the main quay are advanced with the oil line complete and work progressing on the other services including storm drainage and manholes, electrical, water mains and fire hydrants. 

The drone footage (video and aerial photos) below gives a good overview of the works.

Added 25.03.2020

Preparation of formwork for cell construction (Oct 2019)


Added 25.03.2020

Cell Construction on the Eastern Breakwater (Nov 2019)


Added 25.03.2020

Dredge Basin (Nov 2019)


Added 25.03.2020

Construction in Progress (Nov 2019)



Cells installed on the Eastern Breakwater (Feb 2020)


Added 25.03.2020

Breakwaters at the Harbour Entrance (Feb 2020)