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Project Progress

March 2019 to May 2019

Recent months, has seen significant progress on the construction of the new section of Dinish Wharf.  To date the project has seen up to 37,500m3 of excavated material and up to 190m of sheet piling installed along the proposed quay.

The majority of soft dredge material has been removed and with the remainder being mainly rock. The dredged material is screened and graded prior to use as fill material in other areas of the project.

Construction of the eastern breakwater and the adjacent reclamation area has been advanced with the majority of fill material coming from the dredging activities, supplemented with some imported engineering fill.  The build-up of the fill area consists of a number of layers: core breakwater material, geotextile, underlayer, precast concrete L beams and rock armour at the exposed surface.

The majority of the sheet pile installation (over 190m) has been completed, with the remaining 20m of piles to be installed in the coming month.  The installation of toe pins has commenced. Tubular piles have been installed at the northern section of the main wall and the installation of anchor blocks has also commenced. Waler beams are being installed to receive the tie rods, and as this is completed the area is backfilled.

Environmental testing of dredged material is ongoing. There is onsite archaeological monitoring during dredging operations and marine mammal observations continue during dredging and piling operations.

Work is progressing well and the movie below provides a good overview of the works to date.


 Drone footage (June 2019)

Drone Footage (June 2019)

Eastern Breakwater & Reclamation Area (June 2019)

Eastern Breakwater & Reclamation Area(June 2019)

Sheet Pile & Tubular Pile Installation (June 2019)

Sheet Pile & Tubular Pile Installation (June 2019)

Construction in Progress (June 2019)

Construction in Progress (June 2019)


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