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June 2019 to August 2019

Recovery of soft dredge material has continued in the main channel and berthing pocket.  The quantity of material excavated to date is 43,900m3.   

Sheet pile installation on the main wall has been completed, including the installation of toe pins. Waler beam installation, to receive the tie rods, is 90% complete.  Ties rods have been installed and tensioned in the northern section of the quay wall, and this is being backfilled up to the underside of the slab level.  Anchor blocks have been installed to form the anchor wall and is progressing well. 

Tubular piles have been installed on the northern section of the main quay wall - this identifies the outer line of the proposed quay wall. 

The construction of the eastern breakwater has continued using a combination of dredged and imported engineering fill material. The core material of the breakwater is in place and geotextile underlayer has been placed out to the end point of the breakwater. L-beams have been installed on the eastern breakwater, allowing the placement of rock armour, which is made up of sandstone and limestone.

Work is progressing on the western breakwater with 71% of the core material in place.  A substantial amount of the reclamation area has been filled with dredged material. 

The drone footage (video and aerial photos) below gives a good overview of the works to date.


Drone footage (August 2019)

 Added 29.10.2019

Eastern Breakwater & Reclamation Area (June 2019)

Added 29.10.2019

Sheet Pile & Tubular Pile Installation (June 2019)

Added 29.10.2019

Added 29.10.2019

Construction in Progress (August 2019)