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Castletownbere Fishery Harbour Centre

Castletownbere Fishery Harbour:

Castletownbere Fishery Harbour Centre (FHC) is located in Berehaven, one of the largest natural harbours in the world. Berehaven is located within Bantry Bay on the southwest coast of Ireland, sheltered by the 11 Km length of Bere Island 2 Km to the south and the mountainous Beara Peninsula to the North. While Bantry Bay is a harbour authority under the jurisdiction of Bantry Harbour Commissioners, Castletownbere FHC is a distinct harbour authority and designated fishery harbour centre managed by the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine (DAFM), under the Fishery Harbour Centres Acts.

Castletownbere FHC is one of Ireland's major fishing ports and is Ireland's largest whitefish port. The inner harbour is the location of the main piers and infrastructure and is divided into two areas: Dinish Island to the south and the town of Castletownbere to the north,. Dinish Island is accessed by a bridge located approximately 1 Km from the town. It is industrial estate, owned and managed by DAFM, and is comprised mainly of sites leased to the fishery industry.

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          Dinish Island (town pier in background)                                      Dinish Pier


The proximity to fishing grounds and the facilities available makes Castletownbere an attractive landing location for Irish and foreign fishing vessels.

Harbour Infrastructure

The Mainland Quay on the town side of the harbour has a substantial 350m of berthage with a depth of approximately 4.0mCD.  In addition, Dinish Island offers a 215 m continuous berthing wall, with an 8 m Chart Datum (C.D.) berthing basin extending approximately 70 m from the quay face. A 40 m wide approach channel dredged to 6 m C.D. provides a wide, deep and clear access to the inner harbour. 

Further development is underway to increase the size of the pier at Dinish Island and facilitate growth in the fishing industry. The Dinish Wharf Expansion Project will deliver an additional 216m of landing berth, 0.9 hectares of highly usable reclaimed quay storage area, two new breakwater structures at the entrance to the harbour, the navigation channel dredged  to -6.5mCD and a berthing pocket dredged to -8.0mCD to further facilitate landings by vessels up to100m length overall.

Added 21.03.2019

Construction in Progress (Nov 2018)


Latitude 51º38.8’N Longitude 009º54.45’W

Admiralty Chart Reference



The main approach to the harbour is by Ardnakinna Pt. to the west on a sector light situated on Dinish Island, Dir.Oc.WRG 5s (ec 1.0s). This leads to the 6 m CD approach channel marked by front and rear leading lights, Oc..3s blue. The edges of the approach channel are marked by port and starboard beacons.

The eastern approach is between Roancarrigmore Fl WR 5s ) and Carrigavaddra Beacon through Berehaven to the Walter Scott Sth. Cardinal buoy Q (6) + LFI 15s which also leads to the marked approach channel.

Any vessel that is entering or leaving Castletownbere Fishery Harbour Centre that is restricted in her ability to manoeuvre must send a Security message on Ch 16 to advise other vessels to keep the inner channel clear.

If approaching from the West the call must be made on passing the Colt Rock and if approaching from the East the call must be made 1 mile East of the Walter Scott buoy.

Only VHF Ch 16 fulfils the obligation on ships intending to use the inner channel ensuring that this inner channel remains clear.


Ice is available from the ice plant located at the west end of Dinish Wharf


Not compulsory

Water and Bunkering:

 Fresh water & bunkering available 24 hours by prior arrangement


200 tonne capacity syncrolift
Several light engineering firms
Electronic & radio repair
Chandlery & shops

Cargo Types:

A diverse range of cargo types can be facilitated at Castletownbere harbour. For further details please contact the Harbour Master.


Anchorage is restricted to small craft within the inner harbour. However, Berehaven provides numerous safe and sheltered anchorages for  large ships.

A large marina is also located at Lawrence Cove on the north-east corner of Bere Island. Currently the inner harbour does not have many facilities for yachts and pleasure craft.  However all yachts and pleasure craft are welcome to avail of anchoring in the harbour or use the quay space if available (please contact the Harbour Master).  There are four safe council moorings (Yellow buoys) available between the west end of Minane Island and the east of Dinish Island.

Port Waste Management Plan for Castletownbere Fishery Harbour Centre:

Contact Harbour Master:

Harbour Offices,
Castletownbere Fishery Harbour Centre,
Co. Cork.

Tel:     027  70220
Fax:    027  70329

Mr. Cormac McGinley
Harbour Master
Mobile:    087 2155432
E-mail Address:


Mr. Declan Power Jnr.
Assistant Harbour Master
Mobile:    086 8504302
E-mail Address:

VHF Radio Contact: Channel 16 & Channel 12


Application Form to Engage in Temporary Activity at Fishery Harbour Centres