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A photo of Dingle marina

The Marine Engineering Division provides an advisory, inspectorial, design and construction service to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.


The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine has statutory responsibility under the Fisheries Harbour Centres Acts, for the Fishery Harbour Centres at Killybegs, Rossaveel, Dingle, Castletownbere, Dunmore East and Howth. The Minister is also responsible for fisheries related development at Local Authority Harbours and for maintaining 1902 Act and ex-Congested District Board Piers, Lights and Beacons on the State's coast.

added 26.04.12

Recent Dinish Wharf Development at Castletownbere Fishery Harbour Centre

The State is the owner of the Foreshore around the nation's coast. The Foreshore consists of the seabed from the high water mark seawards. The Minister for Agriculture, Food & the Marine has the responsibility for issuing foreshore leases/licences within the six fishery harbour centres and for fishery related activities.

The Marine Engineering Division assists the Department in exercising proper management and stewardship over this state property. The Division carries out surveys, advises the Department on the appropriateness of proposed developments, assesses Environmental Impact Statements, deals with ongoing queries from prospective developers and reports on unauthorised developments.


The Minister for Agriculture, Food & the Marine is responsible for the licensing of aquaculture under various Fisheries Acts, and for regulating the aquaculture industry generally. The dominant types of aquaculture in this country are marine finfish installations for salmon and rainbow trout production, freshwater installations for smolt rearing and rainbow trout production, and marine shellfish installations for the cultivation of mussels, oysters, scallops and clams.

A photo of a salmon cage