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Dungloe Bay

AQ 581 T12-287-1 James Gallagher (pdf 3,712Kb)     

AQ 582 T12-287-1 James Gallagher (pdf 3,441Kb)     

AQ583 T12-302A Patrick Hunter (pdf 1,114Kb)   

AQ584 T12-302B Patrick Hunter (pdf 1,125Kb)   

AQ 585 T12-303 Conal Hunter (pdf 3,297Kb)     

AQ 586 T12-304 Charlie Doherty (pdf 3,649Kb)     

AQ587 T12-399A Patrick Hunter (pdf 1,038Kb)    

AQ 588 T12-399 Charlie Hunter (pdf 3,729Kb)     

AQ 700 T12-422 Ostre'an Ltd (pdf 3,805Kb)     

AQ 701 T12-423 Ostre'an Ltd (pdf 3,802Kb)     

AQ 702 T12-424 Ostre'an Ltd (pdf 4,237Kb)     

AQ 1352 T12-316A Inish Sal Teoranta (pdf 1,464Kb)     

AQ 1353 T12-493A Inish Sal Teoranta (pdf 6,674Kb)     

AQ 1354 T12-205A Ostre’An Teo (pdf 1,505Kb)     

AQ 1355 T12-205B Ostre’An Teo (pdf 1,637Kb)    

AQ1356 T12-315A Ostre'an Teoranta (pdf 1,570Kb)