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Bertaghboy Bay

AQ169 Comhlucht Bradain Chonamara Teo (pdf 2,189Kb) 

AQ183 Comhlucht Bradain Chonomara Teo (pdf 1,704Kb) 

AQ184 Comhlucht Bradain Chonomara Teo (pdf 3,401Kb) 

AQ176 Marine Institute (pdf 12,546Kb)  


Kilkieran Bay

AQ428 Bradan Beo Teoranta (pdf 3,654Kb) 

AQ431 Bradan Beo Teoranta (pdf 3,495Kb) 

AQ432 Bradan Beo Teoranta (pdf 3,563Kb) 

AQ427 Bradan Beo Teoranta (pdf 3,597Kb) 

AQ429 Bradan Beo Teoranta (pdf 3,511Kb)  

AQ648 T9-124 Screebe Fishery Ltd (pdf 4,550Kb) 


Clifden Bay

FCL591 Ardbear Seafarms Ltd (pdf 621Kb) 

AQ180 Ardbear Seafarms Ltd (pdf 1,952Kb) 


Mannin Bay

AQ122 Mannin Bay Salmon Company (pdf 1,612Kb) 


Killary Harbour

AQ97-851 Padraic Doherty (pdf 3,038Kb) 


Ballinakill Bay

FCL580 Tully Mountain Salmon Farm Ltd (pdf 2,073Kb)