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Aquaculture & Foreshore Management

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T5/555 - Aquaculture Licence and Foreshore Licence Documentation

Explanation of Tabs (pdf 182Kb) 

Draft Aquaculture Licence (pdf 517Kb) 

Draft Foreshore Licence (pdf 501Kb) 

TAB 1 - Application Form (pdf 3,999Kb) 

TAB 1 - EIS Vol 1 (pdf 1Kb) 

TAB 1 - EIS Vol 2 (pdf 82,238Kb) 

TAB 1 - EIS Vol 3 (pdf 1,688Kb) 

TAB 2 Email to applicant on 29th December 2011 re: Statutory and Public Consultation process (pdf 93Kb) 

TAB 3 Copy of public notice published in local and national papers (pdf 137Kb) 

TAB 4 77 submissions received from public in response to notice (pdf 85,961Kb) 

TAB 5 Applicant response to public submissions (pdf 1,277Kb) 

TAB 6 Responses received from Commissioners of Irish Lights, Department's Engineering Division and Marine Institute (pdf 1,627Kb) 

TAB 7 Copy of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (pdf 1,329Kb) 

TAB 8 Copy of letter sent to applicant on 10th September 2014 (pdf 45Kb) 

TAB 9A Submission from Department's Marine Engineering Division (pdf 540Kb) 

TAB 9B Submission from An Taisce (pdf 90Kb) 

TAB 9C Submission from the Commissioners of Irish Lights (pdf 32Kb) 

TAB 9D Submission from the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht (pdf 60Kb) 

TAB 9E Submission from Bantry Bay Harbour Commissioners (pdf 94Kb) 

TAB 9F Submission from Inland Fisheries Ireland (pdf 51Kb) 

TAB 10 Copy of public notice published in local and national papers, September 2014 (pdf 182Kb) 

TAB 11a 42 Submissions received from the Public (pdf 74,870Kb) 

TAB 11b 42 Submissions received from the Public (cont.) (pdf 65,599Kb) 

TAB 12 Applicant's response to 2nd public consultation (pdf 6,317Kb) 

TAB 13 Responses received from the Marine Survey Office, the Department's Marine Engineering Division and the Marine Institute (pdf 5,275Kb) 

TAB 14 Copy of letter sent to the applicant on 20th November, 2014 re: additional consultation (pdf 810Kb) 

TAB 15 Copy of SI 466 of 2008 (pdf 8,392Kb) 

TAB 16 Marine Institute's recommendation dated 3rd February 2014 to seek additional information (pdf 996Kb) 

TAB 17 Additional Information provided by the applicant in response to the Marine Institute (pdf 29,042Kb) 

TAB 18 Copy of public notice published in local and national papers in Nov/Dec 2014 for 3rd round of Public Consultation (pdf 1,465Kb) 

TAB 19 Copy of letters issued by applicant to statutory consultees, 11th January 2012 (pdf 5,651Kb) 

TAB 20 Copy of letter sent to Applicant on 27th February 2012 inviting observations on Statutory Consultee submissions (pdf 152Kb) 

TAB 21 Copy of applicant responses to Statutory Consultees (pdf 10,172Kb) 

TAB 22 Archaeological Report provided by the applicant (pdf 9,627Kb) 

TAB 23 Marine Survey Office Report dated 14th March 2012 (pdf 3,155Kb) 

TAB 23A Bantry Bay Harbour Commissioners letter of 26th June 2012 (pdf 331Kb) 

TAB 24 Applicant's response to Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) observations (pdf 3,407Kb) 

TAB 25 Page 40 of Marine Institute's report of 27th January 2014 (pdf 589Kb) 

TAB 26 Letter sent to Statutory Consultees for 2nd round of Statutory Consultation (pdf 4,584Kb) 

TAB 27 EIA Directive 2011/92/EC (pdf 6,953Kb) 

TAB 28 Letter dated 25th February, 2015 to applicant re Public Access to Information (pdf 1,281Kb) 

TAB 29 Screenshot from Applicant web site (pdf 181Kb) 

TAB 30 A list of supplementary licence conditions (pdf 2,215Kb) 

TAB 31 DECLG Statutory Consultation process correspondence (pdf 2,214Kb)