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This section contains details of New and Renewal Aquaculture/Foreshore Licence Applications.

Public Consultation Periods exist for each application based on the date of the Public Notice in the relevant Newspaper.  Please contact the Aquaculture & Foreshore Management Division for specific deadlines for individual applications as comments received outside the deadline cannot be accepted under the Public Consultation phase.

Bannow Bay

Overall Map of Bannow Applications (pdf 693Kb) 

1. T03/86 Application Form S B S Ltd. (pdf 8,279Kb) 

2. T03/87 Application Form Hook Head Shellfish (pdf 5,836Kb) 

3. T03/88 Application Form Fitzpatricks Oysters Ltd. (pdf 7,529Kb) 

4. T03/96 Application Form AG Oysters Ltd. (pdf 6,558Kb) 

5. T03/97 Application Form Tomás Ffrench (pdf 7,166Kb) 

   T03/98 Application Form Tomás Ffrench (pdf 4,423Kb) 

Wexford Harbour

Overall Maps of Wexford Harbour Applications (pdf 1,739Kb) 

1. T03/35 A, T03/35B, T03/35C and T035/F & G (pdf 7,251Kb) 

2. T03/46A, T03/46B and T03/46C (pdf 7,297Kb) 

3. T03/47A, T03/47B and T03/47C (pdf 5,543Kb) 

4. T03/48A (pdf 3,890Kb) 

5. T03/49A, T03/49B, T03/49C and T03/49D (pdf 8,310Kb) 

6. T03/52A and T03/52B (pdf 4,133Kb) 

7. T03/55E and T03/55F & C (pdf 6,114Kb) 

8. T03/71A (pdf 899Kb) 

Application Form Riverbank Mussels Ltd

9. T03/72A and T03/72B (pdf 4,061Kb) 

Application Form Wexford Mussels Ltd

10. T03/74A and T03/74B (pdf 6,645Kb) 

Application Form Patrick Swords & Florence Sweeney

11. T03/77A (pdf 3,146Kb) 

Application Form Riverbank Mussels Ltd

12. T03/78A (pdf 4,691Kb) 

Application Form Crescent Seafoods Ltd

13. T03/79A (pdf 4,670Kb) 

Application Form Paddy Cullen

14. T03/80A and T03/80B (pdf 4,687Kb) 

Application Form Billy & Daniel Gaynor

15. T03/83A (pdf 3,692Kb) 

Application Form Loch Garman Harbour Mussels Ltd

16. T03/84A (pdf 3,864Kb) 

Application Form Andrew Verwijs, Irfish Ltd

17. T03/85A (pdf 3,113Kb) 

Application Form Loch Garman Harbour Mussels Ltd

18. T03/90A (pdf 3,615Kb) 

Application Form Wexford Mussels Ltd

19. T03/91A (pdf 4,065Kb) 

Application Form Noel & Sheila Scallan

20. T03/92A (pdf 6,560Kb) 

Application Form Paddy Cullen

21. T03/93A and T03/93B (pdf 5,159Kb) 

Application Form Eugene & Jason Duggan

22. T03/99A (pdf 4,666Kb) 

Application Form T. L.  Mussels Ltd

23. T03/30A2, B, C, E & F (pdf 12,825Kb) 

Application Form T. L.  Mussels Ltd

24. T03/30/1 (Site D) (pdf 3,608Kb) 

Application Form T. L.  Mussels Ltd

Carnsore Point

1. T03/76A and T03/76B (pdf 3,841Kb) 

Application Form Mark Bates

AA Screening for Proposed Mussel Production at Sites T03/076A and T03/076B off the South Coast of Co. Wexford (pdf 347Kb)