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This section contains details of New and Renewal Aquaculture/Foreshore Licence Applications.

Public Consultation Periods exist for each application based on the date of the Public Notice in the relevant Newspaper.  Please contact the Aquaculture & Foreshore Management Division for specific deadlines for individual applications as comments received outside the deadline cannot be accepted under the Public Consultation phase.

Galway Bay

25 - 41

25. T08/055A Mr Martin McKeown

26. T08/078A Mr Gearoid Lyons

27. T08/086A Mr Thomas Blunnie

28. T08/094B Mr Pierce Cooper

29. T08/095 A, B, C & D Mr. Michael Mc Mahon

30. T08/096 A, B, C-East, C-West, D, E, F  Moyasta Oysters Ltd

31.   T08/097 A, B, C, D & E Poulnasherry Oysters Ltd.

32.  T08/098 A, B & C Mr. Brendan Garvey

33.  T08/099 A, B & C Ms. Mairead Mahoney

34.  T08/101 A & B Mr Aidan F.Casey

35.   T08/102 A & B Mr. Michael Egan

36. T08/104A Mr Thomas Blunnie

37. T08/106 A, B, C & D Moyasta Oysters Ltd.

 38.  T08/108A Mr Brendan Garvey

39.  T08/109A Poulnasherry Oysters Ltd., Goleen Shellfish Ltd., Ms. Mairead Mahoney

40.  T08/110 A & B Moyasta Oysters Ltd.

41. T08/093 A & B Mr. John McInerney

42 - 44

42. T08/113A  Moyasta Oysters Ltd Application Form & Maps

43.T08/116A Gerry Keyes Application Form & Maps

44. T087/117A  Rinemac Shellfish Ltd Application Form & Maps

Galway Bay

Below are links to all the applications in Galway Bay (both Co. Galway and Co. Clare) that are at the Public Notice phase in July/August 2019

45.T09/499 A PJ Martyn Application (pdf 4,540Kb)          

46. T09/500 A Thomas Connolly Application (pdf 5,724Kb)          

47.T09/501 A Thomas Connolly Application (pdf 1,061Kb)          

48.T09/503 A Galway Gourmet Oysters (pdf 936Kb)          

49.T09/504 A Michael Irwin Application (pdf 928Kb)          

50.T09/512 A Dara Vaughan Application (pdf 823Kb)          

51.T09/519 A Galway Gourmet Oysters (pdf 787Kb)          

52.T09/520 A Galway Gourmet Oysters (pdf 2,099Kb)          

53.T08/111 A Eamonn Chesser (pdf 6,131Kb)          

54. T08/112 A Eamonn Chesser (pdf 5,811Kb)          

55.T08/114 A Cartron Point Shellfish Ltd (pdf 7,390Kb)          

56.T08/115 A Sliogeisc Siar Teoranta (pdf 795Kb)