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Forthcoming changes in RVL submission procedures & charges

From Monday 31st March 2014, the Regional Veterinary Laboratories are introducing a range of changes as follows:

  1. A requirement to tag all bovine foetuses before submission.  This is a legal requirement enshrined in the 2012 BVD Order. For those exceptional  cases where no tag is available, we have issued advice to farmers and vets outlining the alternative ways to comply with the legal requirement to follow up on a bovine abortion in a herd.  
  2. A revised post mortem charge is being introduced that will now incorporate the cost of waste disposal in addition to the existing post mortem fee for some types of animal carcasses. The total RVL charge under the new arrangement (PM fee + Waste Charge) will be in line with current knackery charges for fallen animal disposal.
  3. Bank card & cheque payment facilities will be provided at each RVL to collect the waste disposal charges which are payable on submission of a carcass.
  4. The current PM fee will be charged to the referring vet, and ultimately passed on to the farmer by the vet when the PM result is reported.
  5. Based on a recent decision by the Revenue Commissioners, VAT on all laboratory fees will be charged at a rate of 23%


Further details on these changes are on the information leaflet here:  RVL Changes Animal Keeper Leaflet (pdf 310Kb)