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Measuring Progress

Forestry Programme Mid-term Review

Under the midterm review of the Forestry Programme 2014 – 2020, further opportunities to promote the planting of new forests and mobilise both timber and biomass are outlined.

Forestry Programme 2014-2020 mid-term review


Bord Bia Sustainability Report

Bord Bia produces an annual Sustainability Report, which gives an update on Origin Green and its progress to date plus future programme development.

Bord Bia Sustainability Report


Teagasc National Farm Survey

The Teagasc National Farm Survey is a representative sample of almost 1,000 Irish farms. The National Farm Survey collects data annually, with farms weighted so that nationwide representation is given in terms of size and farm type for the principal farm systems in Ireland. It contains information concerning family farms incomes, income distribution, dairy farms, sheep farms, tillage etc.

Teagasc National Farm Survey Sustainability Report


BIM Environmental Sustainability Seafood Atlas

Considerable work has been undertaken to ensure a sustainable future for the country’s fisheries, aquaculture and processing businesses. An environmental sustainability atlas has been produced outlining details of the environmental activities across the sea fishing, fish farming and seafood processing sectors.

BIM Environmental Sustainability Atlas