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  1. Revised SEA (pdf 1,196Kb)  
  2. Section 18 Audit Table (doc 21Kb)      
  3. M16 Annex EIP (doc 1,245Kb)     
  4. M14 Welfare Annex Revised (doc 24Kb)     
  5. GLAS Specification Tranche 1 (doc 1,174Kb)     
  6. GLAS Specification Tranche 2 (doc 1,050Kb)     
  7. GLAS Specification Tranche 3 (doc 794Kb)     
  8. Burren Scheme Appendices (doc 231Kb)     
  9. 2019 Eligible ANC Townlands (xls 1,007Kb)     
  10. ANC Delimitation (xls 2,622Kb)     
  11. Data methodology for use of biophysical criteria (doc 2,851Kb)     
  12. Ex Ante Evaluation of RDP 2014 – 20 (doc 2,929Kb)     
  13. Paper for DG Agri & ASC (doc 53Kb)     
  14. Thematic Table 20/09/16 (doc 258Kb)