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Trans-National Research Funding

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ERA-NET Co-fund on International Co-ordination of Research on Infectious Animal Diseases (ICRAD)

ICRAD ERA-NET Call for transnational, collaborative, inter/transdisciplinary research projects on Infectious Animal Diseases.

The ERA-NET Co-fund ICRAD (International Co-ordination of Research on Infectious Animal Diseases) is now open and accepting proposals addressing the social, economic and environmental challenges created by infectious animal diseases.

Applications should be relevant to supporting cross-cutting research that aims to improve animal health and welfare and public health and that also has associated benefits towards the environment and the economy. Applications should also aim to connect research partners with different but complementary scientific and technological expertise to maximise resources and share risks, costs and skills.

The scope of the ICRAD Call will cover the development and integration of new generic tools and systems for better prevention and improved preparedness to react to infectious animal disease outbreaks. Designing and developing new or improved vaccines, diagnostic and surveillance tools and vaccination/immuno-stimulation are also of relevance. Strategies should also favour transparency and traceability for all stakeholders, from farmers to consumers as well as politicians and decision makers. Please note: DAFM funding is supporting two of the three ICRAD Call Research Areas, please see the National Guidelines for Irish Applicants as well as the ICRAD Call Documents for further information.

A concerted approach towards the development of novel and improved instruments to address and control infectious diseases, particularly regarding novel detection, intervention and prevention strategies should be made.  

In addition ICRAD projects should support the development of new data driven ICT platforms and solutions in order to derive value from the data collected and enable new business models which will increase the affordability and adoption of such solutions, reduce the environmental footprints, increase system resilience, improve food security and empower consumers. 

The call will be funded by 23 funders from across 19 countries and 3 European regions and has an overall budget of more than 23 million Euro.

The funding partner in Ireland is DAFM. The total amount of public funding being provided by DAFM to eligible Irish RPOs is €500,000.

The Guidelines for Irish applicants (pdf 414Kb)      contain further details of national funding rules and detailed guidance for submitting applications to this 2020 ERA-NET Call. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the central Call Announcement, which also includes a National Annex setting out summary requirements for Irish applicants.

The ICRAD 2020 Joint Call will follow a 2-step procedure with a pre-proposal (step 1) and full-proposal (step 2). There will be an expert evaluation and selection by funders at both steps. Further details of this 2020 Call as well as deadlines for step 1 and 2 can be accessed through the ICRAD website.

For further queries the details of the Irish National Contact Points are:

Philip Kennedy, Research and Codex Division, DAFM. Email:, Tel: +353 (0)1 6072426

John Harrison, Research and Codex Division, DAFM. Email:, Tel: +353 (0)1 6072847