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Funding for Participation in ForestValue ERA-NET - Innovating the forest-based bioeconomy

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) invites eligible Irish Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) to submit joint research proposals under the ERA-NET ForestValue.

The primary purpose of the ForestValue joint call is to contribute to transforming the global economy from a dependence on fossil and non-renewable raw materials to a sustainable “bio-based economy”.

The call contributes to the overall objectives of ERA-NETs - including the mobility of researchers and practitioners between the countries and intensify researcher training, thereby increasing the quality of European research & innovation actions and their implementation in the market.

The overarching aim of the call is to support projects that will address the development and/or proof of concepts on novel strategies, methods, processes or products designed to support the forestry and forest-based industries including their respective partners, resellers, consumers and end-users on their way towards improved and new bio-products and services, and in remaining competitive and efficient providers of sustainable products and services. Currently underutilised potential in the forest-based sector shall be used to develop novel ideas and create new markets.


The co-funded joint transnational call will address the whole forest-based value chain in two areas:

A. Innovative sustainable management of multifunctional forests including:

B. Innovative industrial production and processing technologies, products, concepts and services focussing at:

As these topics covering the whole forest value chain are cross-cutting, applicants are encouraged to make best use of interdisciplinary systems approaches, and to take a look at improving the impact and integration of social research and economics in this sector.

In this call a competitive two-stage submission process is used. Deadline for submitting pre-proposals is January 23rd 2018 13:00 CET. On 15.11.2017 a networking webinar will be organised to give researchers the chance to interlink with each other and enlarge consortia. Projects are expected to start late 2018/early 2019.

The Call has now opened and the ForestValue National Call Guidelines for Irish Applicants (pdf 532Kb)   details the funding opportunities and the process requirements for Irish-based and Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) approved Research Producing Organisations.  

The topic for this ERA-NET Co-fund on innovative forest-based bioeconomy has been prepared in collaboration with three forest-based ERA-NETs to complement the WoodWisdom-Net Research Programme and the targets of the SUMFOREST and FORESTERRA ERA-NETs with a strategic thematic area of high European relevance.

The complete call text as well as information on the pre-proposal content can be found under:

For secretariat support please contact: Carina Lemke, Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR), c.lemke@fnr

For further national queries please contact the Irish National Contact Point for ForestValue, Research and Codex Division, DAFM.

Tony Quinn

Andrew McCullagh

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