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Research Call

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DAFM Award

DAFM National Call 2013 13/C/487 UCD, (WIT) €200,500

Project Title:

Developing a GIS based Agreed Routes Map for Sustainable Timber Transport in Ireland and Mobile App RouteTagger

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Ger Devlin

Project Abstract

As the scoping text suggested, there will be an increase in the timber traffic on public roads in accordance with the forecasted increase in timber supply. Therefore, a more sustainable, safer and cost effective approach in the form of a GIS based agreed routes map is needed to manage the transport of this increased woodflow. This map will be used by timber hauliers as part of the timber extraction planning process. The routes will be agreed between local authorities and district forest managers and private forest owners, identifying the strongest and safest routes so as to avoid increased congestion around small towns and villages, reduce excess wear and tear on vulnerable roads and avoid excessive weight across roads. The development of the road database and GIS map will look at developing a road cost matrix to determine whether timber access routes are either fail or around based on 4 main criteria – agreed routes, consultation routes, severely restricted routes and excluded routes. In addition, this map will be used to identify important routes that need maintenance and upgrading work. A mobile app RouteTagger will also be developed to help build a database of road conditions, primarily for the lower class timber access routes for use by all state and private planned harvesting sites.

Final Report:

Final Report (pdf 582Kb)