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Research Call

DAFM Reference


DAFM Award

DAFM National Call 2014 14/C/810 UCD, (Teagasc) €174,850

Project Title:

Windthrow risk modelling

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Aine Ni Dhubhain

Project Abstract

Ireland is subject to normal winter storms annually; occasionally severe storms are experienced. Storms result in the uprooting and breakage of trees, leading to negative economic consequences for forest owners. The aim of this project is to determine the factors that influence the risk of wind damage and generate a model that can be used to assess that risk. How thinning practice and forest design influences risk will also be investigated and recommendations provided as to how to minimise risk. Data from the National Forest Inventory sample plots will be combined with data on wind damage occurrence obtained from RapidEye satellite imagery captured during the summer of 2014. A sample of plots will be selected which will be classified with respect to wind damage. Information on site factors will be derived for these plots and any silvicultural treatments that were applied will be noted for a subset.  Using logistic regression the factors that influence the risk of wind damage will be identified; a wind damage risk model will be developed. Tree pulling experiments will be conducted in existing thinning trials to determine how thinning type and intensity and the timing of thinning influence tree stability.

Final Report: