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Research Call

DAFM Reference


DAFM Award

DAFM National Call 2014 14/C/846 UCD, (Teagasc, NUIM) €800,688

Project Title:

Forest Management Research

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Conor O'Reilly

Project Abstract

Genetic improvement of key species and protection against biotic stress are essential to maintain and increase productivity of the forestry sector. This large project will enhance productivity and resistance in key forest species.1. Plans for the production of Forest Reproductive Material (FRM) for key species will be developed. Different provenances of oak, beech and Sitka spruce will be evaluated, and the potential effect of climate change on tree growth and phenology responses will be considered.2. Improved Sitka spruce will be developed through breeding. Relationships between early morphology and resource allocation and later productivity will be explored in families showing contrasting vigour. Physiological variation as a potential cause of growth variation will be investigated, and novel phenotyping methods for rapid assessment of large numbers of individual’s developed.3. 20-40 genotypes of ash with tolerance to ash dieback disease H. fraxineus will be developed by a combination of locating tolerant genotypes within existing trials in Europe and specifically screening 1,000 genotypes in Lithuania under high disease pressure. Systems for propagating resistant material will be developed using biotechnological approaches to facilitate mass production.4. A multidisciplinary approach to pest risk analysis will be used to determine the risk posed to Sitka spruce forests in Ireland from non-native invasive pests and pathogens. Results will provide a rapid response to short-term threats and advanced capabilities for pest prediction in the long term.

Final Report:

Not available yet.