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DAFM National Call 2011 11/C/205 UCD, (UL, UCC, Teagasc) €1,485,708

Project Title:

Additions and refinements to the Irish forest carbon accounting and reporting tool

Project Coordinator:

Prof. Maarten Nieuwenhuis

Project Abstract

Removal of atmospheric CO2 by forest sinks represents a significant contribution towards national compliance with Kyoto Protocol emission reduction targets. Reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions/reductions is subject to strict international compliance criteria, with national systems designed to facilitate incorporation of new research and improved reporting mechanisms. As part of on-going development of the Irish national forest GHG reporting system (CARBWARE), and in response to the international review process, improvements to three inventory areas have been identified: a) refinement of a spatially explicit soil carbon reporting framework, b) development of a system to track areal changes associated with deforestation and disturbance, and c) improved characterisation of changes in forest carbon stocks associated with disturbance and management interventions. A multi-disciplinary collaboration between several national institutions will focus on; applying improved estimates of CO2 emission factors to afforested organic soils and organo-mineral soils; refining the modelling of soil carbon stocks and changes in mineral soils using a spatial framework; detecting deforestation and disturbance events from medium resolution hyper hypertemporal optical satellite imagery and characterising them using higher spatial resolution optical and microwave images; developing methodologies to investigate the fate and management of forest deadwood carbon pools after disturbance events; and constructing algorithms to quantify changes to deadwood carbon The combined outputs from these research activities will be assimilated into CARBWARE, thereby improving the national reporting capacity. Close collaboration with the Irish GHG network will ensure standardisation of outputs, with delivery of geodatabases derived from the research to support.

Final Report: