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Research Call

DAFM Reference


DAFM Award

DAFM National Call 2013 13F542 UCC (UCD) €597,342

Project Title:

National nutrition databases for public health and new product development

Project Coordinator:

Dr Janette Walton

Project Abstract

It is proposed to carry out analysis of the IUNA national food consumption databases to develop new knowledge to underpin public health policy and to inform new product development for Irish food companies in the context of life stage nutrition. The research will identify dietary strategies for achieving nutrition goals in preschool children and older adults and will underpin the development of healthy eating guidelines for these population groups. It will also carry out a risk – benefit analysis of food fortification and food supplements in older adults. The relationship of whole grain intake to health in adults will be investigated and modelling studies will be performed to identify potential strategies to enhance whole grain consumption. Analysis will be carried out to identify dietary behaviours associated with CVD risk in Irish adults which will inform healthy eating guidelines and product development in the food industry. Estimation of food chemical intake in Irish preschool children will be carried out in collaboration with the FSAI using the Irish National Food Ingredient Database. The project will further develop the capacity of Irish researchers to participate in JPI and Horizon 2020. The research outcomes will be disseminated to key stakeholders

Final Report: