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Research Call

DAFM Reference


DAFM Award

DAFM National Call 2013 13F460 UCD €83,573

Project Title:

Food Reformulation for Consumers: Understanding barriers to consumer acceptance of reformulated food products

Project Coordinator:

Prof Patrick Wall

Project Abstract

The successful integration of reformulated food products onto the market will likely aid in combating societal and public health challenges presented by dietrelated diseases; they also represent an exciting opportunity for the Irish agri-food sector to lead the way in the production of healthy food options for consumers. Although reformulated food products are currently on the market, the level of and factors influencing acceptance towards these foods is relatively unknown. The current project proposes to identify the factors influencing consumer acceptance of reformulated food products so that future strategies employed in introducing reformulated products onto the market will align with consumer perceptions and needs. A number of consumer-centred research tasks are proposed including a web-based survey with a large representative sample of Irish consumers. The current project will also employ Vizzata; a revolutionary methodology in the field of consumer research which enables the formation of a two-way stream of dialogue to fully capture the breadth of consumers’ comments and questions relating to reformulated food products. It is envisioned that the findings from this project will feed into the development of targeted communication of reformulated food products to consumers which will align with the specific needs of different consumer segments.

Final Report: