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Research Call

DAFM Reference


DAFM Award

DAFM National Call 2014 14/F/813 UCD, (UCC) €66,000

Project Title:

Disaggregation of food consumption databases to raw agricultural commodity values for estimation of intakes of pesticide residues

Project Coordinator:

Dr Anne Nugent

Project Abstract

This proposal seeks to further refine the national food consumption databases of adults and preschool children to underpin public health risk assessments. Specifically, it will disaggregate and convert these national food consumption databases to raw agricultural commodities (RACs) thereby facilitating assessment of intakes of food chemicals such as pesticide residues. Targeting key food groups, foods consumed in the National Adult Nutrition Survey and National Preschool Nutrition Survey will be disaggregated to ingredient level and subsequently conversion factors will be applied using EFSA’s European food conversion model(EFSA, 2013). Dietary intakes of target pesticide residues will be estimated. The project will further develop capacity of Irish researchers to participate in JPI and Horizon 2020. The research outcomes will be disseminated to key stakeholders. The data generated in this project will allow Irish policy makers satisfy national and EU requirements for assessing the safety of intakes of food contaminants such as pesticide residues.

Final Report: