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DAFM National Call 2015 15F707 Teagasc €90,818

Project Title:

Opportunities for functional and bioactive protein ingredients derived from co-products of the Irish meat industry - Desk Study (BioOpps)

Project Coordinator:

Dr Anna Marie Mullan

Project Abstract

Recovery of high value protein-rich bioactive/functional co-products from meat processing streams represents an area of significant opportunity to enhance the economic performance and improve the environmental impact of the Irish meat Industry. Several previous FIRM funded projects, and other international research efforts, have focused on developing methods for generating and extracting these compounds from natural sources, including high value-added co-products derived from meat sources. Examples of products generated include extracts with techno-functional (emulsifiers etc) or biological (heart health) properties. While clear opportunities for recovery of high value functional and bioactive co-products from these streams have been identified, one of the main challenges for technology transfer and commercialisation of these products is the lack of a robust analysis of the market and product specifications etc for such products from an Irish industry perspective. The current project proposes a comprehensive study of the opportunities for selected bioactives derived from co-products of the Irish meat industry, including an overview of the global market and its main producers, global trends, key market drivers, opportunities for small/new players, the supply chain, the competitive landscape, quality, safety and cost requirements (product specifications), available methodologies for production (processes and technologies), regulatory environment, return on investment and a SWOT analysis. As well as guiding research, knowledge generated will be critical in feeding into decisions taken at an industry or national level in how to best exploit these outcomes

Final Report:

Not available yet.