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DAFM National Call 2011 11F053 UCC (Teagasc) €500,098

Project Title:

Novel Food Ingredients for the elderly

Project Coordinator:

Prof Paul O'Toole

Project Abstract

It has recently become clear that the intestinal microbiota is critical for general health and wellbeing. Moreover it is now clear that diet has a significant role in shaping the microbiota which in turn is associated with a wide range of health parameters. The ELDERMET project (finishes 12/2013), recently showed that this variation in gut microbiota between individuals was driven by the diet. Significantly, we showed the existence of a strong diet-microbiota-health axis, whereby people with particular diets had greatest microbiota diversity, and healthiest scores in a range of clinical parameters including inflammation and measures of frailty (Claesson et al., 2012). We established a unique ELDERMET database from over 420 subjects, comprising interconnected data for dietary intake, microbiota composition, and extensive health measures. Thus we have a unique atlas for linking dietary intake to health via the microbiota. This project will focus on the effect of dairy carbohydrate, and milk glycomacropeptide (GMP) on programming the gut microbiota, and how this will impact on consumer health. Specifically, the project will initially compare lactose-free milk to whole milk to assess the influence of each in shaping the microbiota and the consequences thereof in terms of clinical readouts. The project will also look at the prebiotic effects of GMP-enriched fractions on the microbiota of the elderly. As such, the project will assess two rapidly growing econo

Final Report:

Not available yet.