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DAFM National Call 2014 14/F/873 DCU, (UL) €557,526

Project Title:

Mining marine materials for novel functional ingredients that modulate the immune response for benefit in inflammation and allergy

Project Coordinator:

Prof Christine Loscher

Project Abstract

Marine protein-derived materials have excellent potential as functional food ingredients. The development of functional “added-value” ingredients is a key priority for the expansion of the Irish Agri-Food sector. NutraMara has already established an extensive research programme mining marine species for ingredients with health benefits. This project will now build on and complement this programme by mining marine species for novel ingredients that can modulate the immune response in inflammation and allergy. This is in response to an identified need amongst Irish ingredient companies for such ingredients for their global customers for functional foods for infants, the elderly and sports participants. The project will involve existing NutraMara Principal Investigators at UL who will extract and hydrolyse the marine materials along with an Immunologist at DCU who is an expert in Immunomodulation and has extensive experience working with food companies. The key objective of the proposed programme is to identify new protein-derived ingredients that can modulate specific immune responses associated with a reduction of either inflammatory or allergic disease. This will be achieved by determining the effects of the marine extracts on key immune cells that mediate these diseases/conditions and assessing them in in vivo models of inflammatory and allergic disease

Final Report:

Not available yet.