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DAFM National Call 2013 13F467 UL (UU) €581,177

Project Title:

Marine Sourced Peptides for Glycaemic Management

Project Coordinator:

Prof R.J. (Dick) FitzGerald

Project Abstract

Marine sources such as macroalgae (Palmaria palmata), fish which will now be landed (Blue whiting/boarfish) due to recent changes in EU Common Fisheries Policy and fish by-products (salmon skin) represent good sustainable candidate raw materials for the mining of bioactive peptides with applications as biofunctional ingredients. This project will assess the ability of marine protein-derived peptides to modulate biomarkers associated with glycaemic function and satiety. In the first instance the potential of blue whiting and boarfish as sustainable sources of marine protein will be assessed. Laboratory-scale protein hydrolysate generation will be performed to optimise the release of peptides with potent antidiabetic activity from these marine protein sources. Selected marine protein hydrolysates showing stability to simulated gastrointestinal digestion and significant insulinotropic activity in pancreatic BRIN-BD11 cells grown in culture will be further assessed in vivo using an ob/ob diabetic mouse model. Selected optimised hydrolysis protocols will be transferred to semi-pilot scale for prototype ingredient manufacture. Finally, the effect of marine hydrolysates ingestion on biomarkers associated with diabetes and satiety will be investigated in a human intervention study. This proposal aims to validate the hypothesis that protein hydrolysates from marine sources have potential as glycaemic management and satiety enhancing agents.

Final Report: