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DAFM National Call 2010 10RDTMFRC709 Teagasc (UCC) €299,650

Project Title:

Functional and biomedical application of milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) based phospholipid rich fractions

Project Coordinator:

Dr Phil Kelly

Project Abstract

Building on capability established during a previous FIRM-funded project (DAFF Project Ref No.05/R&D/TD/370) for the characterisation and enrichment of milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) extracts from milk, this proposal addresses knowledge gaps in the functionality of the M F G M phospholipid (PL) dominant moiety. Having regard to the accumulation of phosphotidylserine in neuronal membranes and phospotidylinositol in cell signalling, animal model studies will be undertaken to study the response of mice in terms of anxiety, mood and cognitive behaviour when fed a diet containing selected PLs. A follow-on study will feature fractionated as well as enriched M F G M PLs. In order to elucidate the mechanism of PL bioactivity, pre-digests of enriched M F G M PLs will be undertaken in order to establish whether the released fatty acid or cleaved diacylglycerols are largely responsible for their bioactivity An in vitro bioassay using a human intestinal cell line for monitoring ganglioside GD3 uptake will be adapted in order to handle the more complex matrix of MFGM-enriched sources. The fate of key ganglioside components such as ceramide will monitored closely as a potential marker during phospholipid digestion and it subsequent uptake during cell culturing. Such a structured approach will be needed in order to deal with matrix complexity when pre-digests of MFGM-enriched dairy sources are used during this bioassay.

Final Report:

Final Report 10RDTMFRC709 (pdf 424Kb)