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DAFM National Call 2011 11F064 UL (UCC) €456,586

Project Title:

Extraction and validation of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients from Brewers Spent Grain

Project Coordinator:

Prof. R.J. (Dick) FitzGerald

Project Abstract

While large quantities of brewers’ spent grain (BSG) are produced annually (~ 160,000 tons in Ireland) the residual protein and polyphenolic components therein remain an untapped source of functional food ingredients. This project aims to extract protein/peptide and polyphenolic rich extracts from BSG to assess their potential to act as antioxidant (AO) and anti-inflammatory (AI) agents. These bioactivities are implicated in minimising/preventing the consequences of many diseases. Our recent findings demonstrate that significant in vitro AO and AI activity exits in BSG protein hydrolysates and polyphenolic extracts. We propose to expand on these findings to optimise the generation of AO and AI peptides from BSG along with optimising the extraction of polyphenolics. Evidence in the literature demonstrates that phenolics occur in a bound format in barley. Furthermore, it appears that the bioactivity of bound versus free phenolics may be significantly different. We are therefore proposing to use mild enzymatic extraction approaches to release carbohydrate-bound but soluble phenolics from BSG. In addition, we plan to apply alternative direct enzymatic approaches to release bioactive peptides directly from BSG. The comparative in vitro AO activity of the peptide and bound versus free phenolic ingredients will be assessed. Human cell culture approaches will be employed to assess extract effects on biomarkers of oxidative stress and low grade inflammation. The most promising ingredients will be formulated for oral ingestion. A human intervention study will be carried out to access the effects of a combined ingredient blend (phenolics and peptides) on markers of AO and AI activity.

Final Report: