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DAFM National Call 2011 11F035 UCD ( Teagasc, UCC) €598,950

Project Title:

Delivering processed meat products with health benefits

Project Coordinator:

Prof. Frank Monahan

Project Abstract

The overall aim of the project is to reduce “unhealthy” constituents while simultaneously increasing the level of desirable bioactive constituents in processed meat products thereby increase their “healthiness” and counteracting some of the negative associations that have emerged between processed meat products and consumer health. Meat is not generally thought of as a functional food despite its potential for delivery of functional ingredients in the diet of humans. Furthermore, all processed meats tend to get branded unfavourably despite the fact that they can be formulated to be healthy (e.g. low fat, low salt, minimal additives) and there are untapped opportunities to increase the level of ingredients with health promoting properties in processed meats. The research will initially adopt a tripartite approach of (i) evaluating consumer attitudes to processed meats containing health promoting bio-actives, (ii) technically evaluating the potential to “match” healthy processed meat formulations with selected European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)¿approved bio-actives and (iii) conferring with industry partners on the economic feasibility of different product formulations. A process of distilling the findings of the three approaches to identify products that are potentially viable and acceptable to consumers will follow. The food processing and analytical capabilities of the research institutions involved will then be applied to the development of prototype processed meat products with a healthy nutritional profile, containing EFSA¿approved bio-actives that remain bio-accessible post processing.

Final Report:

Not available yet.