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DAFM National Call 2013 13F539 UCC (Teagasc) €591,180

Project Title:

Beneficial effects of blackberry (Rubus) polyphenols on cardiovascular and metabolic health

Project Coordinator:

Dr Alice Lucey

Project Abstract

Ireland has a long tradition for growing Blackberry (Rubus) fruits both traditionally as wild brambles and through commercial cultivation. Blackberry is a fruit of interest as it is rich in bioactive polyphenol compounds contributing to its high antioxidant capacity and protective effects on cardiovascular and bone health, age-related neuro-degeneration and suppression of tumour formation (Kaume et al. 2011). Cardiovascular disease (CVD), the metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes mellitus place the body under chronic oxidative stress and are influenced by interactions between genetic and lifestyle factors (Yusuf et al. 2004). Dietary interventions are central to healthy aging and for reducing the risk of chronic disease, indicating a clear need and a substantial market opportunity to develop novel foods with proven benefits for cardiovascular and metabolic health. The adoption of a Farm to Fork approach is the core ethos underlying this research, which proposes to:

  • Assimilate published data on polyphenol profile and biological effects of blackberries to the eBASIS database;
  • Develop and characterise a novel functional blackberry polyphenol-enriched fruit beverage;
  • Implement a human intervention study investigating the effects of blackberry-derived polyphenols on cardiovascular risk;
  • Evaluate the impact of increased consumption of this functional blackberry beverage on polyphenol intakes in Irish population groups with a view to future commercialisation;

Final Report:

Not available yet.