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Functional Foods & Health

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DAFM National Call 2015 Generation of Functional Foods to Promote the Growth of Newly Identified Health Associated Microbes in the Gut
DAFM National Call 2015 Incorporation of novel brewers' spent grain (BSG)-derived protein hydrolysates and blended ingredient in functional foods for older adults and assessment of health benefits in vivo.
DAFM National Call 2015 Development of biofortification approaches for enhanced vitamin K content of foods: proof of stability, efficacy and sensory appeal
DAFM National Call 2015 Functional foods for Optimal nutrition for healthier Ageing
DAFM National Call 2015 Seaweed-Microbe Interactions to enhance bioactive yields for food applications
DAFM National Call 2015 Opportunities for functional and bioactive protein ingredients derived from co-products of the Irish meat industry - Desk Study
DAFM National Call 2015 The relation between the Human Milk Microbiome, Composition and Infant Nutrition
DAFM National Call 2015 Innovative food structures to enhance the sensory experience, the nutrient profile and nutrient bioavailability for older people.
DAFM National Call 2015 Enzymes for efficient milk oligosaccharide production.
DAFM National Call 2014 Development of Fortified Blended Foods using fermented buttermilk/cereal
DAFM National Call 2014 Foods solutions for replenishing disrupted microbiota in toddlers
DAFM National Call 2014 Novel nutritional solutions to combat chronic malnutrition in the elderly
DAFM National Call 2014 Dietary manipulation of microbiota diversity for controlling immune function
DAFM National Call 2014 Mining marine materials for novel functional ingredients that modulate the immune response for benefit in inflammation and allergy
DAFM National Call 2013 SMART FOOD - Science Based 'Intelligent'/Functional and Medical Foods for Optimum Brain Health, Targeting Depression and Cognition.
DAFM National Call 2013 Mushrooms and Fungi, Functional and Life Enhancing Reservoirs
DAFM National Call 2013 Beverage formulation/reformulation targeted at older population using in vitro assay to design whey protein structure for optimum glutathione (GSH) generation and increased antioxidant potential
DAFM National Call 2013 Natural peptides to enhance food quality and safety
DAFM National Call 2013 Developing budding yeast as a factory for production of the antioxidant ergothioneine
DAFM National Call 2013 Marine Sourced Peptides for Glycaemic Management
DAFM National Call 2013 Enzymatic generation of sialylated lactose from waste whey using marine-derived sialyltransferases
DAFM National Call 2013 Fungal biofactories: Improved delivery of natural selenium from the cultivated mushroom (Agaricus bisporus)
DAFM National Call 2013 Seaweeds as a source of non-digestible complex polysaccharide components for the development of novel prebiotic ingredients for the functional food industry.
DAFM National Call 2013 The anti-inflammatory and microbial modulating effects of marine derived laminarin and omega-3 fatty acids on inflammatory bowel disease in an experimental porcine model.
DAFM National Call 2013 Profiling and Optimising chemical composition of red Sea Vegetables for enhanced bioactive yields
DAFM National Call 2013 Beneficial effects of blackberry (Rubus) polyphenols on cardiovascular and metabolic health
DAFM National Call 2013 Development of high protein bars as vehicles for functional ingredient delivery.
DAFM National Call 2011 Delivering processed meat products with health benefits
DAFM National Call 2011 Translation of pharmaceutical drug delivery to nutraceutical delivery using invitro & in vivo techniques
DAFM National Call 2011 Exploration of Irish meat processing streams for recovery of high value protein based ingredients for food & non food uses
DAFM National Call 2011 Enhancement of texture, flavour and nutritional value of meat products for older people
DAFM National Call 2011 Technologies for the enrichment & recovery of novel bioactive ingredients from plant food processing wastes
DAFM National Call 2011 Novel Food Ingredients for the elderly
DAFM National Call 2011 Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients for health enhancement in the older population
DAFM National Call 2011 Extraction and validation of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients from Brewers Spent Grain
DAFM National Call 2011 Exploitation of the nutritive properties of safe Irish-grown milled oat and barley varieties as functional ingredients in new healthy food formulations
DAFM National Call 2010 Protection of bioactive peptides using novel encapsulation technologies
DAFM National Call 2010 Infant Nutrition for Programming the Gut Microbiota in Neonates
DAFM National Call 2010 Targeting the glycome of the milk fat globule membrane for anti- infective properties.
DAFM National Call 2010 Functional and biomedical application of milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) based phospholipid rich fractions
DAFM National Call 2010 Preventing Beer Spoilage in Lager Fermentations: Optimisation of the production of the antimicrobial defensin peptides in lager strains of yeast, a natural defense against beer-spoiling bacteria.
DAFM National Call 2010 Low residual antigenicity and reduced bitterness casein hydrolysates.