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Research Call

DAFM Reference


DAFM Award

DAFM National Call 2014 14/F/812 UCC, (Teagasc) €559,174

Project Title:

Development of consumer optimised low carbohydrate Irish confectionary products

Project Coordinator:

Dr Maurice O Sullivan

Project Abstract

SWEETLOW optimises traditional Confectionary products (cake, muffin and biscuit-type products) through the reduction and or replacement of sugar with respect to product composition, functionality, consumer sensory quality/shelf life and commercial viability. The minimum concentration of sugar will be identified while maintaining the above attributes in order to determine the very limits of removal. Sensory acceptance testing will be employed to optimise each of these approaches. The project will show clear quantitative goals for the sequential reduction of sugar in Confectionary products. The mean industry sugar levels in Confectionary products will be identified in order to benchmark values. Our approach principally uses sensory-affective optimisation coupled with flash descriptive profiling and multivariate data analysis to reduce the levels of sugar in confectionary products in a clean label fashion as well as reducing these components by utilising traditional and new ingredient and baking technologies that can be used to replace sugar in parallel. Multiple factors are linked to consumer perceptions of sweetness and fat. Sweetness is mainly due to the sugar content but it also depends on the fat and moisture content. Therefore sweetener/fat interactions will be optimised to develop the best products. In summary this project will utilise sensory acceptance testing, flash profiling and flavour volatile analysis, linked via multivariate data analysis, to optimise formulations to produce sugar reduced highly accepted end products. Final products will be assessed via consumer studies

Final Report:

Not available yet.