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DAFM National Call 2013 13F497 Teagasc (UCC, QUB) €499,987

Project Title:

Reducing Mycotoxin levels in plant derived foods and beverages

Project Coordinator:

Dr Martin Danaher

Project Abstract

Fungal contamination is problematic in a wide range of food products. Fungal growth, leading to spoilage, is the main cause of product and concomitant economic losses. Furthermore, fungal mycotoxin production can cause serious public health hazards in foods. The objective of this project is to; (i) reduce mould contamination and growth; (ii) detoxify contaminated grains; (iii) prevent mycotoxin absorption from cereal-derived foods and beverages, for a sustainable biobased Irish economy. A range of methods will be used to reduce fungal growth and subsequent mycotoxin production. The impact of fungal contamination at a raw-material level will be evaluated using naturally-contaminated/fungal-challenged grains, with barley and wheat model systems. The impact of fungal contamination on grains (grain storage) and selected foods quality (malt and bread) will be analysed. Special emphasis will be placed on mycotoxin analyses. A range of physical (high-pressure, thermal), chemical (H2O2, NaOCl, quaternary salts, electrolysed water) and biological (anti-fungal lactic acid bacteria) methods will be applied to reduce fungal growth and detoxify mycotoxins. Effective treatments will be applied to achieve the most efficient, economically and technologically viable reductions in fungal growth and mycotoxin levels. The impact of these treatments on food and beverage processability and product quality will be assessed.

Final Report:

Not available yet.