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DAFM National Call 2014 14/F/803 UCC, (CIT) €486,955

Project Title:

Novel technological approaches for the development of low sugar - highly consumer accepted food and beverage products

Project Coordinator:

Prof Elke Arendt

Project Abstract

Over 60% of all reported diseases in industrial countries have their origins in poor dietary habits, which include high sugar intake. Sugars fulfil important organoleptic as well as functional properties in a wide range of cereal-derived foods and beverages, but also impact significantly on manufacturing processes in industry. The use of conventional sugar replacers frequently results in poor consumer acceptance due to different mouth-feel and taste perception. In addition, many sugar replacers do not possess sugar’s natural ability to provide bulk, reduce water activity and to act as a humectant (maintaining the moisture content of the finished product) and affect gelatinization temperature of starches during baking, thus playing a significant role in structure, volume, and tenderness of a wide variety of food products, such as biscuits, cakes, drinks, sweets and sauces. The TASTY project will address this significant deficit by providing scientific understanding of sweetness perception in complex food and beverages systems and give effective technological solutions using enzymatic and fermentation processes to develop foods and beverages with effective quantifiable reductions in sugar and with improved nutritional qualities. A strong participation of food industry partners in this project will help contribute to the feasibility and economic viability of the strategies developed.

Final Report:

Not available yet.