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DAFM National Call 2011 11F052 Teagasc (UCD) €488,376

Project Title:

Innovative solutions for quality & safety improvement in dairy ingredient manufacture for infant formula

Project Coordinator:

Dr Donal O'Callaghan

Project Abstract

With the impending ending of milk quotas in EU member states, it is a priority that a large proportion of Irish produced dairy output is linked to added value product, such as infant formulation. Successful capture of a greatly-expanded milk pool in this way is predicated upon the achievement of best-in-class performance by milk producers and processors who will face strong international competition in obtaining markets for their products. A critical capability for milk processors will be the ability to implement rapid, effective and transparent systems which demonstrate control of and confidence in the specifications and properties of the powdered products required by the infant formula industry. Methods must be rapid to facilitate fast (eventually on-line) collection of productspecific information, effective in order to achieve real control over raw material and end-product quality & safety, and transparent in order to develop confidence in their utility by prospective customers. In short, this requires the Irish dairy industry to prepare to operate under pharmaceutical-type specifications with the overall goal of becoming a favoured supplier for high value-added foods and growing export markets in the face of tough international competition. This proposal sets out to develop innovative applications of several vibrational spectroscopic tools (mid-infrared, near infrared, Raman and fluorescence) along with optical technology for monitoring particles (in air or in liquid dispersions) with which to demonstrate product compliance with the highest quality and safety standards for a number of powdered milk products. A number of specific features of powder products known to be problematic from a quality perspective (e.g. surface free fat, protein denaturation) will be the subject of specific studies aimed at the development of in-process monitoring systems.

Final Report:

Not available yet.