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DAFM National Call 2013 13F444 DIT (UCC) €471,909

Project Title:

Innovative process technologies for the fresh produce industry

Project Coordinator:

Dr PJ Cullen

Project Abstract

This project will develop innovative solutions for fresh and fresh-cut produce decontamination and extension of shelf-life. These solutions will offer an alternative to chlorine washes, provide a technological competitive advantage and open new markets for Irish producers. The project integrates novel dry and wet processing technologies based upon cold plasma discharge to deliver pasteurisation-like capabilities with a quality by design approach for modified atmosphere packaging to assure safety and maximise shelf life. The integration of these technologies is achieved by building a research team combining expertise at Dublin Institute of Technology and University College Cork along with direct industry involvement. The project involves the development of innovative solutions and validation trials under real-life conditions. The project will provide a pioneering capability for the Irish fruit & vegetable sector to maximise value, increase competitiveness and increase market outreach towards exports. Given the novely of the proposed solutions attention will be given to IP development.

Final Report:

Not available yet.