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JPI HDHL 2015 15HDHL1 Teagasc €332,443

Project Title:

Innovative processing to preserve positive health effects in pelagic fish products

Project Coordinator:

Dr Brijesh K Tiwari

Project Abstract

Increased awareness of the diet's importance for overall health, increase the demand for products with enhanced healthiness having good sensorial properties. Pelagic fish is rich in omega-3 lipids (EPA and DHA) with documented beneficial effect against coronary heart diseases, easily digestible proteins; vitamins (E and D). Therefore pelagic fish is a valuable food resource in a healthy diet. However, during processing; high temperatures, exposure to air, prooxidative components (like heme), may lead to loss or destruction of the valuable healthy components i.e. oxidation of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. During raw material storage, microbial contamination can lead to formation of histamine. Therefore, optimal processing technologies to transfer healthy pelagic fish raw material into healthy and safe pre-prepared food products is needed.

Final Report:

Not available yet.