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DAFM National Call 2011 11F057 Teagasc (UCC) €444,908

Project Title:

Improving the eating quality of Irish pork

Project Coordinator:

Dr Paul Allen

Project Abstract

This project aims to provide the Irish pork processing industry with the technology to produce pork of consistently good eating quality. The industry produces consumer pork products efficiently but the eating quality of pork has suffered due to rapid chilling and lack of ageing. Pigs are also leaner due to breeding for efficient lean growth rate. Pork is therefore less succulent, due to lower intramuscular fat (IMF) and tougher due to more rapid chilling. Increasing IMF can best be achieved through using breeds and lines with a higher IMF content. This aspect will be covered by using carcasses from such lines in the experiments. Improving tenderness through novel processing will be the main emphasis of the work. The effects of electrical stimulation, hot boning, PiVac restraint, hanging methods, ageing, hot processing and enhancement will be determined singly and in combination to devise optimum strategies to produce pork of consistently good eating quality. This will be underpinned by optimising MAP packaging systems for gas mix and headspace to meat ratio to maintain good eating quality during ageing and distribution. The outcome will be a range of novel processing systems that could be adopted by the industry to produce pork of consistently good eating quality

Final Report:

Not available yet.