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DAFM National Call 2013 13FP471 Teagasc €95,536

Project Title:

Healthy-to-bake: Ready-to-bake mixes containing healthy flours generated from food processing by-products

Project Coordinator:

Dr Eimear Gallagher

Project Abstract

This project aims to add value, through further research to increase the commercial value/relevance of the outputs of an ongoing FIRM project (Healthy cerealbased snacks from by-products of the milling, malting, brewing and cider industries). In the current project to date, the nutritional and technological properties of the food byproducts have been characterised and successfully incorporated into novel bakery formulations. The final step now is to bring this work to a precommercial level and make it more applicable and relevant to industry. To do this, the aim is to apply these new formulations in an easy to use, healthy, readymix form, which would be commercially exploitable by relevant industry. These flour mixes will produce baked products (sweet and savoury) requiring minimum addition of ingredients, equipment and time by the end user. The idea is based on the commercially available ready-to-bake-mixes such as soda bread mix, cake mix etc, and this Research Plus project will give the opportunity to offer a distinct advantage of producing baked products with enhanced nutritional quality (rich in dietary fibre and bioactive compounds) using natural functional ingredients. The nutritional value of brewer's spent grain, apple pomace and orange pomace has been determined during the current FIRM project, throughout which the suitability of these by-products for healthy baked goods has been explored. A number of different end products have already been created (e.g. breadsticks, scones, extruded products, breads, biscuits) that were of high nutritional value and were deemed to be highly acceptable by sensory panellists. This EasyBakePlus project will investigate the blending of the flours (e.g. apple pomace) with the other dry baking ingredients (e.g. sugar, salt, wheat flour etc) into ready-to-bake mixes. The blends will be validated with respect to the sensory and nutritional properties of the resultant baked products. The challenges that will be addressed in this project will include the stability and the shelf-life of these flours when stored under different conditions (temperature, relative humidity, and packaging). During storage, critical properties such as moisture content, water activity and peroxide value will be monitored. In addition, the flour mixes will be evaluated for microbiological safety, sensory properties and nutrient stability. The effect of storage of the flour mixes on the quality of the baked products will also be studied. The expertise and methodologies developed during the original FIRM project will be applied and further enhanced in this proposed Research Plus project. Outputs will involve the production of fully characterised optimised novel bakery mixes ready for evaluation/validation/scale-up by flour/baking companies at a commercial level, while generating a potential profitable market for waste products for the beverage industry.

Final Report: