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JPI HDHL 2015 15HDHL3 Teagasc (UCC) €667,000

Project Title:

Food Fermentations for Purpose: Health Promotion and Biopreservation

Project Coordinator:

Prof Catherine Stanton

Project Abstract

LONGLIFE will involve innovative processing of food substrates (milk and cereals) into fermentates, using novel strains of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and yeasts to produce value-added fermented liquids and powders, grain-derived foods and beverages, long-fermented sourdough bread, and meat products with improved health benefits, organoleptic qualities and extended shelf-life. Based on pre-selection of starter bacteria capable of producing bioactive metabolites (exopolysaccharides, polyols and antimicrobial compounds) and their use during fermentation of milk, cereals and meat, we propose to improve the fermentation process by manipulating processing conditions to optimise food properties for health and economic benefit. Characteristics such as digestibility, palatability, stability and quality of the finished products will be taken into consideration to ensure highly marketable products are developed. Additionally, new prebiotic ingredients will be developed within the LONGLIFE consortium based on novel superheated steam processing of bran substrates for enhancing bio-functionality in food/beverages. Ex vivo studies will yield data on the validation of health effects (prebiotic and bioavailability/digestibility) of the generated ingredients and products. The project will have a positive impact on the food industry through the innovative processes developed which can improve food processing efficiency, lead to new markets and increased competitiveness. The developed products with improved functionality and shelf-life will contribute to more sustainable food production and nutrition security, benefitting the health of citizens, society and the economy.

Final Report:

Not available yet.