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DAFM National Call 2014 14SF872 NUIG, (AIT) €599,577

Project Title:

Enhancing production and sustainability in Irish aquaculture

Project Coordinator:

Dr Eoghan Clifford

Project Abstract

MOREFISH is a timely aquaculture project that proposes to develop and test innovative technologies and novel production processes to significantly improve production output, operational efficiencies and management at inland aquaculture sites in Ireland. These innovations will have key impacts including (i) enhanced production efficiency and sustainability, (ii) reduced environmental emissions and impacts of production and (iii) improved fish health and reduced finfish diseases/mortalities in rearing systems due to improved operating conditions. Achieving these goals is also necessary to reconcile the contrasting demands of the growing National aquaculture industry with meeting the goals of the Water Framework Directive. The multidisciplinary project comprises engineering and scientific expertise, industry stakeholders and policy-makers and commercial operators to respond directly to critical technical and policy gaps identified by stakeholders and this DAFM call. Specifically, MOREFISH targets innovative approaches that will increase fish biomass output, productivity and stocking densities, mitigate contamination and cross-infection, and reduce production costs and waste emissions. The project proposes three pilot sites (in partnership with industry) to test and demonstrate key innovations. These have been strategically chosen to include key production segments and facilities such as trout farming, smolt production for the marine salmon farming industry and Arctic char production.

Final Report:

Not available yet.