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DAFM National Call 2011 11F061 Teagasc (UCC, UL) €800,983

Project Title:

Dehydration/ Rehydration dynamics for development of 'SMART' Dairy ingredients

Project Coordinator:

Dr. Mark Fenelon

Project Abstract

A growing world population and increasing middle class is driving demand for high quality powdered nutritional products, particularly in the world's emerging markets. This, coupled with the abolition of quotas in 2015, provides the dairy sector with an opportunity to expand by a predicted 50% (Food harvest 2020) by the year 2020. Consequently, there is an urgent requirement for targeted dairy chemistry / technology based research as the only technically feasible way to deliver Irish milk to emerging markets outside Europe in powdered (dehydrated) format. The aim of the current project is to develop core scientific competency in protein chemistry and dehydration / rehydration dynamics for engineering of ‘SMART’ protein base powdered ingredients for export with built in cost modelling. The scope of the science will include thermal and ionic manipulation of milk proteins in liquid state to influence new hydration dynamics during subsequent drying and reconstitution. In some instances, these hydration properties will form the basis of a finished food. In order to utilise large volumes of milk, without expensive waste streams, the target functionality of these ‘SMART’ ingredients is primarily physical, ultimately rehydration mechanics. The new ingredients will be built from a base milk protein concentrate, MPC platform, with advanced design function to increase value, while utilising volume, at two value levels: level 1: targeted ingredients with specific rehydration properties to allow reconstitution into large volume dairy based foods e.g. sports beverages and / or Level 2: nutritional base for beverages including infant formula, dietary products, elderly health beverages, therapeutic and medical products including supplements.

Final Report:

Not available yet.