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DAFM National Call 2010 10RDTMFRC706 Teagasc (UCC) €296,164

Project Title:

Concept Protein Ingredient for Next Generation Infant Formulation

Project Coordinator:

Dr Mark Fenelon

Project Abstract

The global market for infant milk formula (IMF) is estimated to be worth US$5-6bn, with Ireland producing in t h e region of 10-15% of global exports. Three of the world’s major infant formula manufacturers, i.e., Abbott, Danone and Pfizer, have large scale processing facilities located in Ireland. As a result, Ireland is strategically committed to the infant formula sector providing a vital channel for dairy ingredients. The proposed project is targeted at building a leading programme, through the UCC/Teagasc alliance, for development of new ingredients for infant formulation manufacture using minimal processing and with reduced carbon footprint. Current manufacturing practices are energy intense and require transport of ingredients from different locations for formulation, e.g., use of skim milk powder, whey protein ingredients and lactose. The aim is to develop technology to provide a 'one fits all' humanised dairy protein base with molecular conformation designed for greater thermal stability and higher mineral bioavailability, for use in infant formulation. The ultimate aim is to create a formulation base, whereby nutrients (fat, carbohydrate and minerals) can be added to the required solids content for direct drying processing thus reducing the complexity of overall route to manufacture from the farm gate. This concept 'protein base' ingredient will be made using integrated membrane systems coupled with mineral selectivity to confer broad spectrum stability during processing. If successful, the concept ingredient will allow for manufacture of infant formula directly from milk at a single location, changing the current philosophy of how infant formula is manufactured, and placing Ireland at the forefront of ingredient innovations in the world.

Final Report:

Final Report 10RDTMFRC706 (pdf 319Kb)