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DAFM National Call 2011 11F059 Teagasc (ICBF) €308,116

Project Title:

Accurate prediction of saleable yield

Project Coordinator:

Dr Paul Allen

Project Abstract

The accuracy and utility of the VBG2000 mechanical grading system will be enhanced so that the Irish beef industry can use this facility with confidence. Accurate prediction of saleable yield will enable the adoption of an improved quality payment system (QPS) based on saleable yield which is closer to market value than conformation and fat class. This will increase efficiency by improving the sorting of carcasses for different markets and by rewarding producers for higher saleable yield. Several approaches will be taken to reach an optimum solution or a selection of solutions. Firstly, the recalibration of the VBS2000 by including heifer and young bull carcasses in addition to steers which was the only gender included in the 1999 calibration. Secondly, saleable yield will be determined for different trimming levels to allow more flexibility in selecting for different markets. Thirdly, the potential of improving the prediction accuracy by combining cut face images after quartering using VBG2000 with carcass images will be investigated. Finally, the potential contribution of other data and measurements such as breed, gender and age from the animal id and fat measurements such as weight of kidney fat, fat depths at various locations will be investigated. E + V will provide a VBG2000 for the trials and generate prediction equations for saleable yield, while ICBF will assist in identifying suitable animals of known parentage, will collect images from the VBS2000 and will develop national genetic equations for the yield of cuts in different value categories. As far as is possible, carcasses from other research trials in Teagasc and elsewhere will be included in the sample in order to derive maximum value from the project.

Final Report:

Not available yet.