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DAFM National Call 2011 11FP405 UCD €98,749

Project Title:

Smartfone delivered anti-tamper food food traceability system based on direct food Data Matrix (DM) printing and change integrity sensors

Project Coordinator:

Prof Shane Ward

Project Abstract

CyberBar© provides tamper-proof traceability from poultry processing plant to consumer, using Smartfone technology, smart RFIDs and cloud-computing based decision support systems. CyberBar© emerged from the FIRM project Avian BioTrack; it laser-etches Data Matrix (DM) barcodes directly onto chicken fillets, combined with batch tracking and monitoring (temperature, geo-location) of containers (batches) using smart RFIDs to ensure the chain of custody from processing plant to consumer. CyberBar© reads the DM barcodes on the fillets using a DM reader (retail) or Smartfone (App). Complementing this at batch level is a smart RFID system monitoring geo-location and temperature: these data are continuously uploaded onto cloud server (viz. back end system). The Smartfone App interrogates the cloud thus providing immediate information1 (e.g. origin, best-before-date, retail outlet, nutrition, food miles, etc). The issue of IP has been fully explored by the partners in consultation with the TTO in UCD, and an MOU has been signed. The CyberBar© laser-etching technology (for direct DM printing on to chicken fillets) will be installed initially in the Carton Group processing plant. The smart RFIDs offer remote environmental monitoring and diagnostic capability, and will be assembled and developed at the Smart Sensing Unit in Belfield and plans to test scale-up capabilities are currently under discussion with the RFID Centre for Applied Research at the University of South Florida. The data enquiry protocol (between Smartfone/reader and database) includes novel anti-fraud data encryption and interrogation methodologies (HP Galway) - reducing the potential for rogue suppliers duplicating the barcode. CyberBar© will provide a powerful technique to facilitate product withdrawal, and customer profiling. This is a world-first which will confer market advantage on the Irish food industry by enabling verifiable traceability in real time extending right down to the consumer level, via Smartfone delivery. It also provides product integrity to all supply chain actors.

Final Report:

Final Report 11FP405 (pdf 485Kb)