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DAFM National Call 2015 15F690 Teagasc €149,627

Project Title:

Research supporting the unpasteurised milk and associated cheesemaking industry from a food safety perspective (Raw Milk Cheese)

Project Coordinator:

Dr Kieran Jordan

Project Abstract

Ireland’s agri-food sector accounts for approximately €24 billion of the Irish economy and the dairy industry is one of the most important, indigenous industry sectors. The abolition of milk quotas in 2015 presents the opportunity to significantly increase Ireland’s production of milk and associated added value products, for example, cheese. Ireland has an international reputation for the quality and variety of its artisan food products, including cheese made from unpasteurised milk. It is important for the entire dairy industry that this reputation is not damaged. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop advanced analytical methodologies and risk tools to analyse the risks associated with unpasteurised milk cheese. The aim of this project is to assess microbiological (general microbiological quality and foodborne pathogens), toxicological (mycotoxins) and residue (anthelmintic drug residues) risks associated with unpasteurised milk used for cheesemaking. Exposure to such contaminants will be assessed, and appropriate advice will be given to the cheese producers in order to give research support to the industry and protect consumer health. During the project, 400 samples of unpasteurised milk and associated cheese (from at least 10 unpasteurised milk cheesemakers) will be assessed for microbiological, toxicological and residue risks.

Final Report:

Not available yet.